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Walnut Butter

1.900 Ft

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We use premium quality locally grown walnuts to produce our walnut butter. It can be used as a spread or on cereal, pancakes or cakes. Last year Britain’s leading organic organization „Soil Association” awarded it first prize in the Shelf products category. After flaxseed, walnut is among the richest plant sources of omega3 fatty acids. Numerous research links a decreased risk of heart disease with regular intake of walnuts and many studies come to the conclusion that it is the fatty acids that have decreased cholesterol levels and regulated high blood pressure in participants. In America studies link omega 3 deficiency with a range of problems related to cognitive functioning in children: ADHD, insomnia, learning problems. Walnuts are also rich in minerals, particularly magnesium, manganese and iron. They also contain not insignificant quantities of vitamins E and B6.

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