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Donum Terrae. The gift of soil. Our family business is happy to introduce a brandname that hosts a selection of manufactured seed oils, pastes, vinegar specialities. A wide range of carefully selected ingredients from our home-grown pumpkin seed, to the agrarian pomegranate brought to every household where fine eating equals to healthy living.
Toasted pumpkin seed for wine-drinking with friends, sunflower or pumkin-seed paste based dips for various nibbles, walnut and peanut butters for exciting sandwiches or delicious pastries, thousand-taste oils for salads, meat and last but not least silky fruit vinegars for refreshing summer cocktails.. Taste Donum Terrae, taste health!


All inquiries and suggestions are welcome!

Please contact:
Éva Danyi, managing director
1141 Budapest, Örs vezér útja 22.
E-mail: info@donumterrae.hu
Mobile: +36 30 291 3371

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